Nutty. A Beautiful little fan of the Carrot

Nutty. A beautiful little fan of the Carrot.

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Friday evening. So sad

With heavy heart I finally felt the only solution to Nutty's situation was to have him put to sleep.

Fran agreed. We sought advice and it was helpful and kind and this also supported our decision.

Nutty was a star in the family, he really was in charge. If someone ate an apple in the same room, he would hear the crunch and pop out from his bed to squeak a demand to be given some apple (I smile involuntarily but cheerfully as I type that).

I won't talk of the problems at the end and the layered reasons we knew this was the only way left, but the consolation, and it is significant although right now not enough to quench the pain, is that we now find ourselves recalling Nutty in all his days, not just the last few weeks. Nutty the carrot fiend, Nutty the apple-hearer, Nutty the bouncing pig with a spring on each foot (surely? – how else did he do that?), Nutty the loveable, beautiful little character who was loved by us and who was a part of us.

We will never forget him. I love you Nutty.


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Friday morning

Nutty did not have that much of a wet night last night by what I saw this morning and yet during his feed this morning (Friday) he was upset enough to squit (as he does sometimes) and yelped in a way he has only done maybe 2 or 3 times. So, I stopped feeding at 10ml rather than forcing another 15ml down. He weighed 595gm; another all time low, but if I had pressed him into another 15ml, then he would have weighed 610gm (*if* he had not squitted out any from being upset (I just weighed 15ml of water and it weighs 15gm)).

Seeking advice from the vet now. I think we have passed the last turning that might have lead toward recovery and are on a windy road to the end and we don't want Nutty to suffer if we are right about that, so also will seek Vets advice is she concurrs that we are looking at one option only now.

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Thursday evening

645gm. Better than this morning but that's after a day of feeding so it's to be expected. Nutty was 655gm this time yesterday, but then this morning was one of those dribbly ones… Complex.

Bottom line is – so far, there has been no increase in weight, day on day.

A question for the vet. You were planning to give this a week (Sat to Sat). We extended that to the following Weds (now next weds).

Given the treatment (injection and vitamin laden poop meals etc), and given he is not eating solids at all and sitting in one place not moving unless prompted and he is so very light, is it reasonably likely that the time from now until next wednesday might result in a turn around – in other words, is the injection and the vitamins able to result in a gradual liver improvement or is it more likely to be a stepped (rapid) one (if there is an improvement at all)? The hard question we are asking ourselves, is, if the injection and vitamins should have produced a reasonably stepped change, if it was going to work, fairly obvious fairly quickly then perhaps we are doing Nutty more harm than good prolonging this existence to next Wednesday. But, if the injection and vitamins are reasonably likely to have a gradual change then on balance it might be worth the sad quality of life from now until next weds in the hope he breaks into a cycle of improvement in time.

We'll await your advice. Sorry this is so hard. Please feel free to call or blog advice and leave it to me to call if I need more info'. Thanks in advance.

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Thursday breakfast

Not optimistic.

We have until Wednesday next week to produce real weight gain (not up and down swings). This morning Nutty was 605gm, a new record low (previously 610gm).

He had a wet bottom from the night and wet a bit during his feed, which he was not that keen on toward the end. Hence the low weight (fluid loss). He ate 22ml.

Very sorry for him. He is, as before, sitting in the corner of his house, out of sight but comfy and warm (new medibed is switched in there regularly and this corner of his house is adjacent to the end of a radiator so the house wall he sits against is mildly warm all the time (we have the heating on 24hrs to stop him getting cold in the night).

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Weight started this morning, after a productive poop night, with some wet bits but not too much, at 625gm.

Nutty ate 25ml per feed and so ate 100ml of feed today.

Weight in tonight was 655gm, the same as yesterday.

We're now on a regime of 25ml per feed and 4 feeds per day.

As before, Nutty loves his poop pate (middle two feeds). Teeth still sounding nice. For both middle feeds, he liked the feed enough that for about half of the time (the start) we were able to feed him without the tea towel wrap (tks Chrissie). 

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Clicky teeth or not?

Hm. Nutty does not, seems, have the 'always clicking' teeth that I associate with teeth that are too long.

He seemed to be clicking them all the time 36 to 12 hours ago and I duly sought advice and booked to go and have them looked at.

However, yesterday tea time and evening feeds and now this morning, I am hearing nothing or a very dull, quiet, normal 'trundle' from his teeth (not at all alarming) when he is eating and jaw'ing about but AM hearing a clicking when he is being re-wrapped in a Tea towel for feeding purposes and is feeling worried or cross (as he does not like the wrapping process).

So. In a quandry. Should I take him to have his teeth 'done' today or not. My guess is not.

Chrissie, any comment? (I'll email you Chrissie since I want to warn you of this possible change in plan 'early'). If you've not mailed or blog commented or called me back before lunch time, I'll call to ask this.

Sorry if this is a false alarm ('tho happy for Nutty if it is :)

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Tuesday tea time and evening meal

25ml at tea time (poop pate'). 25ml of C.C this evening, and 655gm at weigh in.

Hm. Better than the 610 this morning…

Teeth were clicky today, so off to see Chrissie tomorrow, after chat with 'The vet!' and Chrissie.

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Nutty is quite, quite delightful

Whenever Nutty's time is up, in years to come I hope, he deserves to nestle in a prestigous cloud in heaven.

He puts up with SO much, without real complaint and is so well behaved.

He *really* likes his poop pate', eating 25ml of it this lunch time. He is so keen on it in fact, that as I withdrew the syringe to fill it again, he closed his teeth on it to keep it in his mouth for just a second longer. There's nout' as queer as Guinea Pigs folk.

Gotta dash, late for other commitments. A question for The vet!, (the reason I booked a phone call, so no worries calling back if you answer here first): Nutty's teeth are clicking, about half as noisily as they were on Saturday. Given a trip to you or to Chrissie is a 2 x a 45 minute car ride and teeth work is distressing, but given teeth clicking is probably a sign of possibly major irritation, do you think we should return to have Nutty's teeth done?

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Lovely but lighter…

Nutty is a lovely little chap and had a nice new change of house (medibed) after breakfast.

But, he had a wet-ish night, not too bad, but did wee quite a lot and so lost quite a lot of weight. He was 610gm after breakfast. The lowest so far.

Also, he's got clicky teeth. I've booked a call with the vet, but, I suspect, even though we're meant to be keeping him quiet, the advice will be ask Chrissie if she can look at them. Poor little chap… 

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