Tuesday night time feed

Today, at 22.15, Nutty:

Ate: 5.0ml of Critical Care (late, so he won’t eat much)
Drank: 10ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: 14 mini

The NuttyaNalysis
Food was ok, given the lateness of the hour. Water was an impressive 10ml. 14 poos! Brill’! Overall, a very good day.
Tomorrow is the 3rd day since mouth treatment and the start of proper feeding (with Critical Care, the right amounts, etc).

Hopefully it won’t be too many more days until we can tempt Nutty to some Timothy Hay or carrot or grass etc.

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Tuesday tea time feed

Today, at 18.30, Nutty:

Ate: 7.0ml of Critical Care
Drank: 20ml of water
Weight: 740gm
Poos: 13 mini

The NuttyaNalysis
Food was lower than the target of 10ml. Water was BIG, 20ml. Weight is UP – good. More poos – good, quite a lot since lunch time, albeit small ones.

Had a nice walk in the dining room. No solid food yet (slowly, slowly, feed a Nutty).

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Tuesday lunch feed

Today, at 12.45, Nutty:

Ate: 7.5ml of Critical Care (stodgy / thicker than normal)
Drank: 10ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: 1 small to medium.

Lunch time stroll in the dining roomThe NuttyaNalysis
Food was lower than the target of 10ml, but it was thicker than ideal, I added water, mixed and then fed without a long enough gap and so the still absorbing food got a little thick a few minutes in. But, this means he had more food and less water in his 7.5mls, so I am thinking of this as 10ml of normal consistency.

Still wouldn’t eat Timothy Hay or a Dandylion leaf. Never mind. Patience is a virtue etc.

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Tuesday breakfast feed

Today, at 7.15, Nutty:

Ate: 8ml of Critical Care
Drank: 10ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: 18 small to medium!

Moby 18The NuttyaNalysis
Food and water were close or spot on target, he was a bit more boisterous and naughty – in a lovely way and 18 mini poos! In celebration of this increase in output, Nutty listened to some Moby this morning.

Next step will be converting the snuffly-interest in fruit and vegetables into eating solids. It’s only 36 hours since Nutty’s teeth were sorted so early days yet, but we’re a bit more optimistic now…

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Monday Night time feed

Today, at 17.15, Nutty:

Ate: 7ml of Critical Care
Drank: 5ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: None.

Walking around dining room to exercise my tummy.The NuttyaNalysis
Considering this was the end of the day, 10.00pm, Nutty ate well (70% of a ‘full meal’) and bought his days intake up to 38ml food and 38ml water. He also made an extended exploration of the dining room! Enjoying wandering off the far end to sniff the radiator and stretching his legs in a couple of jaunty walks up and down the floor under the table.

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Monday Tea time feed

Today, at 17.15, Nutty:

Ate: 11ml of Critical Care
Drank: 25ml of water (lots!)
Weight: 725grams (starting weight, 24 hours ago was 710)
Poos: Before actual feed: Found 1 x light brown, mucous-y, sticky lump, about 1/3rd of a normal pellet, and 1 x normal colour, damp looking but solid lump about 2.5 pellets worth. After feed: Walked around a bit in dining room and did 2 x micro pellets, each about 1/5th the size of a pellet, less wet looking, medium brown colour.

The NuttyaNalysis
Ate more than ever at a single sitting (11 not 10mls). Drank loads, 5 x 5ml syringes in one sitting(!). Weight up from 710 to 725grams. Poo – the most he’s done for days.


Fingers crossed… And again ~ THANK YOU Chrissy at Gorgeous Guineas!

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Monday midday feed.

Today, at 12.00, Nutty:

Ate: 10ml of Critical Care
Drank: 5ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: None seen (between 12.00 and 13.25).

Before he ate Nutty, had Bonjela on his sore mouth part and after he ate he had Oral gel Daktarin and Neem toothpaste.

How did we know to use this stuff, how much, how to apply it?
We spoke to a trained Rodentologist, see our About page.

After his food and drink we had an explore in the dining room floor, with some Timothy Hay in a pile to eat or nose around. Nutty walked around a bit, but not much. He snuffled the hay but didn’t eat any. But at least he moved around a bit (moving / running around can help with digestion (Rodentologist advice)).

I got some grass from the garden, but although he snuffled, Nutty didn’t eat any. After about 15mins I put him back in his house for a sleep. I put on Porgy and Bess, very quietly, so there was some melodious background noise for him.

The feed/medicate stint this lunchtime started at about 12.15 but what with the walk in the dining room, it didn’t finish until 1.25. Phew. To say I hope he gets better quickly would be an understatement. While he was walking around the dining room, he snuffled up to my face (I was lying down). He’s adorable, just don’t let him find out or he’ll become insufferable!

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Peanut, 29 April 2004We found a source of brilliant advice and practical help and decided to write Peanutpig in the hope our experience(s) might help someone else one day.

Peanut, ‘Nutty’ for short, is a Guinea pig and a member of the Bristow family and he insists you read this important disclaimer (serioulsy, he insists).

We (Bristows), look after Nutty (becuase ‘it’s all about him’ and he’s in charge) and benefit greatly from our relationship with him – he’s lovely.

Nutty stopped eating hay for about 3 or 4 weeks then he went off his other food – dry food and veggies / fruit.

We went to our regular vet, but, they didn’t know what the problem was (with hindsight, they’re more into cats and dogs I think…). Some vets are expert in this field, some not. Nutty’s mouth was inspected by our regular cat/dog vet, twice, once under anaesthetic (can be dangerous) and apparently it was fine. But he still wasn’t eating, we were struggling to feed him by syringe.

Before our next visit to the vet we found The British Association of Rodentologists. That then led us to a local, trained Rodentologist and we received superb help for Nutty and advice on care and recovery. It turned out Nutty had a sore place in his mouth, three sharp points on his teeth, a common fungal infection in his mouth and his front teeth were too long. All these were sorted out inside an hour and we now await the progress of Nutty as we try to hand feed him back to full recovery. For news on that and more, we hope, keep checking the Peanutpig blog.

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