Peanut, 29 April 2004We found a source of brilliant advice and practical help and decided to write Peanutpig in the hope our experience(s) might help someone else one day.

Peanut, ‘Nutty’ for short, is a Guinea pig and a member of the Bristow family and he insists you read this important disclaimer (serioulsy, he insists).

We (Bristows), look after Nutty (becuase ‘it’s all about him’ and he’s in charge) and benefit greatly from our relationship with him – he’s lovely.

Nutty stopped eating hay for about 3 or 4 weeks then he went off his other food – dry food and veggies / fruit.

We went to our regular vet, but, they didn’t know what the problem was (with hindsight, they’re more into cats and dogs I think…). Some vets are expert in this field, some not. Nutty’s mouth was inspected by our regular cat/dog vet, twice, once under anaesthetic (can be dangerous) and apparently it was fine. But he still wasn’t eating, we were struggling to feed him by syringe.

Before our next visit to the vet we found The British Association of Rodentologists. That then led us to a local, trained Rodentologist and we received superb help for Nutty and advice on care and recovery. It turned out Nutty had a sore place in his mouth, three sharp points on his teeth, a common fungal infection in his mouth and his front teeth were too long. All these were sorted out inside an hour and we now await the progress of Nutty as we try to hand feed him back to full recovery. For news on that and more, we hope, keep checking the Peanutpig blog.

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  1. Thank goodness little Peanut Pig is associated with such wonderful caregivers. It is so important to take ownership of healthcare. It is vital we remember that if we are not happy with advice we get from ‘the professionals’, then it is wise to seek another opinion until it feels right. It is vital we remember that ‘professionals’ are only as knowledgable as their experience has given them. I believe there is only one being that knows all. Having said that collectively, I believe, all sentient beings have a wealth of knowledge and we just have to stretch and be open enough to seek what is needed.

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