Monday midday feed.

Today, at 12.00, Nutty:

Ate: 10ml of Critical Care
Drank: 5ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: None seen (between 12.00 and 13.25).

Before he ate Nutty, had Bonjela on his sore mouth part and after he ate he had Oral gel Daktarin and Neem toothpaste.

How did we know to use this stuff, how much, how to apply it?
We spoke to a trained Rodentologist, see our About page.

After his food and drink we had an explore in the dining room floor, with some Timothy Hay in a pile to eat or nose around. Nutty walked around a bit, but not much. He snuffled the hay but didn’t eat any. But at least he moved around a bit (moving / running around can help with digestion (Rodentologist advice)).

I got some grass from the garden, but although he snuffled, Nutty didn’t eat any. After about 15mins I put him back in his house for a sleep. I put on Porgy and Bess, very quietly, so there was some melodious background noise for him.

The feed/medicate stint this lunchtime started at about 12.15 but what with the walk in the dining room, it didn’t finish until 1.25. Phew. To say I hope he gets better quickly would be an understatement. While he was walking around the dining room, he snuffled up to my face (I was lying down). He’s adorable, just don’t let him find out or he’ll become insufferable!

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