Monday Tea time feed

Today, at 17.15, Nutty:

Ate: 11ml of Critical Care
Drank: 25ml of water (lots!)
Weight: 725grams (starting weight, 24 hours ago was 710)
Poos: Before actual feed: Found 1 x light brown, mucous-y, sticky lump, about 1/3rd of a normal pellet, and 1 x normal colour, damp looking but solid lump about 2.5 pellets worth. After feed: Walked around a bit in dining room and did 2 x micro pellets, each about 1/5th the size of a pellet, less wet looking, medium brown colour.

The NuttyaNalysis
Ate more than ever at a single sitting (11 not 10mls). Drank loads, 5 x 5ml syringes in one sitting(!). Weight up from 710 to 725grams. Poo – the most he’s done for days.


Fingers crossed… And again ~ THANK YOU Chrissy at Gorgeous Guineas!

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