Tuesday breakfast feed

Today, at 7.15, Nutty:

Ate: 8ml of Critical Care
Drank: 10ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: 18 small to medium!

Moby 18The NuttyaNalysis
Food and water were close or spot on target, he was a bit more boisterous and naughty – in a lovely way and 18 mini poos! In celebration of this increase in output, Nutty listened to some Moby this morning.

Next step will be converting the snuffly-interest in fruit and vegetables into eating solids. It’s only 36 hours since Nutty’s teeth were sorted so early days yet, but we’re a bit more optimistic now…

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  1. We are SO delighted to read of Nutty’s progress along the path to wellness! Keep the excellent news coming.

    CDH & MAD & IXHD
    xo & xo & xo

  2. Yay!

    Fingers crossed and sure will keep this updated :)

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