Wednesday lunch time feed

Today, at 13.30, Nutty:

Ate: 11.0ml of Critical Care (TaDaa! Broke the 10ml glass ceiling)
Drank: 3ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: Forgot to check (Doh!)

The NuttyaNalysis
Well, where do I start? Lunch was late as I was out sourcing some medibed, the recommended* bedding and ‘living room’ covering (on top of newpaper).

Food went well. Not interested in a small piece of carrot or carrot top or cabage. Drank a little. Then went for a walk in the dining room while I cleaned and re-did his house. Cleaned with Virkon – brilliant*. Put in the medibed (short chopped hay/straw(?)) and went to move Nutty and he became all interested in my hand. Wanted to nibble it a little even. Ironically, the smell of medibed (treated so horses won’t want to eat it) had interested him in eating a little, I think. I gave him a 1.5 inch long piece of medibed hay/straw and he very slowly chewed it up, at first, it stuck out of his mouth without feeding in as it should (like paper popping up on a typewriter when you hit a new line) but then, excrutiatingly slowly, it began to dissapear until he had about 5mm (sorry, mixing my measurement types) left poking out. So, progress, even if tiny progress.

Put him in his new house, which he seemed to like a lot – sniffing the lovely clean dry sides and waddled into his covered area to see what was there (a 27mm widescreen TV perhaps? – No). He seemed very happy, if, back in the routine he has had since he has not been eating, which is to sit in his covered part of his house.

Then I took the bowl with this mornings carrots etc etc and chucked it out and following advice*, put in a celery top, with some stalk and leaves and a carrot top. I then tweaked the bedding by his door, which used to make him come out to look around, and he did! He has not done so, usually, since he’s been off his food. He sniffed and began to nuzzle around at the celery leaves, so I left, not wanting an audience to put him off. Ten minutes later I checked and the celery has moved, and may have some missing, but, frustratingly, I am not sure. Never mind. Progress, I think.

Now I need to feed myself! Only about 2hours (due to intense piggyCare) late!

*The brill’ advice was from Chrissie at Gorgeous Guineas (see sidebar “Peanuts pals”).

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