Thursday breakfast feed

Today, at 06.45, Nutty:

Ate: 10.0ml of Critical Care AND 1 x 1″ square of celery leaf
Drank: 5ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: Lots :)

The NuttyaNalysis
Tried solids (celery etc) at the start of this feed, no joy. Did the Bonjela, 10ml of Critical Care, 5ml of water, then tried a celery leaf and, slowly, Nutty ate it. At the end of the leaf, he seemed to have problems getting the last bit down, but I am not sure that was so, it might have been my over analysis of his piggy eating habit. So, a second piece of soild in 24 hours. We would be more jubulant if he had eaten this with enthusiasm and gone on to have a second, not that I’m criticising the little chappie – he did brilliantly, but, I do not think we have yet moved to the ‘eats solids quite well now’ phase, sadly. We’ll keep at it tho’.

Will try a little grass too at lunch time. He enjoyed his gamble around the dining room after eating, but, as usual, sat still in a ball after a while, he probably walked about for 5 minutes before doing this. I suspect he is feeling low, both in him self, energy-wise and under-the-weather-wise. We will persevere and he will continue to improve, I am certain, the only question is how rapid he and we can make this improvement – we want him fully well for him and so he can move on to life with a Piggy friend (with hindsight, we should have done this way back – never mind, onwards and upwards).

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