Friday breakfast feed

Today, at 06.45, Nutty:

Ate: 11.0ml of Critical Care (Hooray again – over 10)
Drank: 3ml of water
Weight: n/a
Poos: Large, mushy, but poo-smelly.

The NuttyaNalysis
We got 11mls of food down. Hooray.

I think Nutty seemed a bit perkier this morning. His left eye perhaps not quite so damp (and it wasn’t very damp to start with). The large loose-ish poop in his bedding ‘smelt’ (sorry if you’re reading this early in the morning ;) of poops, like they had taken a battering in his digestive system (which is as it should be of course). So, I am encouraged that he is digesting properly. I wonder if this is just because they have ‘aged’ overnight since one he left as a present on the dining room floor was not so ‘ripe’. I suspect I am over analysing and his poops are not something to worry about at all.

‘…not something to worry about at all…’ Note to self: I wish that was a description one could use for someone who analyses and then blogs about the smell of piggyPoogs. Hm. Perhaps I’d better get more balance in my life.

Off to see Nutty’s friend, Chrissie this morning.

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