Friday Tea time feed (#3 of 5)

Today, at 16.40, Nutty:

Ate: 10.0ml of Critical Care (on-target)
Drank: 2ml of water
Weight: 725 (yes, 10gm down :( but we’ve got a fix for that!
Poos: Sloppy but reliable.

The NuttyaNalysis
Ate 10ml. Excellent. We’ll try really hard to make this the case for every feed now.

If it had not been for the excellent advice from Chrissie at GorgeousGuineas (sidebar), I would have been really very worried by the weight today, 725gm, 10gm less than yesterday. But. Chrissie has suggested an extra feed per day and making sure we hit 10ml ech feed. This will mean he will get nearly 25% more food, every day than the best day he’s had so far. This has got to be ‘it’, the fix, for his weight (I think – not tempting fate here, so go away bade fate and bring it on good fate).

Not much else to say other than he is a lovely little person Guinea Pig and we’re gonna get some Complan tomorrow to help with variety. Two more feeds to come today. See you later Nutty.

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