Sunday tea time (#3 of 5)

Today, at 16.30, Nutty:

Ate: 10.0ml of Critical Care
Drank: 3ml of water
Weight: 695gm (sorry to see this and a bit worried)
Poos: None

The NuttyaNalysis
Worried to see weight still reducing.

Nutty has been on his 50ml / day treatment now for 2.5 days.

Perhaps this is too short a time for weight loss to swing around into weight gain? I do hope so. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Got to admit, pretty bloody worried now and so, so sorry for poor little Nutty. Hoping, hoping, hoping…

  2. More NuttyaNalysis:

    Poop considerings:

    When picked up this morning, he was sitting on a big pile of sloppy poop. Perhaps his bowels were then empty.
    Since then, until when we weighed him just now, he had actually only had time to digest 2 feeds (of 50ml each).

    So, given this, perhaps it’s not too surprising that as of Tea time today, there was no extra poo?

    It will be the next 12 hours that will paint a more accurate picture of whether poops are an issue again or not. Fingers re-crossed.

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