Monday 13 March

Weight was 645gm this morning, but Nutty had done a lot of poops in the night (simillar to Zoe’s comment).

Good news, his poops were fine and not like they were Sunday morning mid-feed. We put this down to not giving the anti-biotic at the start or end of the feed, but deliberately giving it 1/2 way through, so the stomach processing is only ever foodfoodfoodMEDSfoodfoodfood as opposed to MEDSfoodfoodfoodfood or foodfoodfoodfoodMEDS (if that makes sense ;)

Off to see the vets tomorrow morning. So we’ve fed up Nutty today (probably literally), by going from a max of 16ml per feed to 25ml. He seems to accept it happily (perhaps we’ve been feeding him too little? (not what the experts think, so I am inclined to agree and think it’s something else – we shall see)).

Sorry posts here are a bit sporadic now. There’s so much backlog of life to do, plus Nutty, it’s finding the time! Through today, poops have been great again. 10 or so at the 11.00 feed and another 20 or so at the 4pm feed. And they were uberPoops (good ones).

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