Tuesday tears and fears but we’re not done yet

Ok. Went to the vets and the news was:

  • Infected area in mouth that was a “nasty” infection 1 week ago, after strong anti-biotic dose for 6 days is “nearly healed” (I am very pleased to hear this).
  • Vet felt around Nutty’s jaw and he squeeked in protest (pain).
  • Vets conclusion with this info was: the primary problem is probably (my emphasis not his) a tooth abcess and removal is a terrible ordeal (so not really an option). The abcess probably caused the now nearly healed infected inner cheek. An abcess under the tooth is around 10% to 20% likely to be cure-able (via handing feeding while anti-biotics address it) and so Nutty has a low (20%) chance of making a recovery (hence tears and fears).
  • Vet suggested best course was to go and hand feed and come back in 2 weeks at which time hopefully weight will be put on (see below ~ good news for a change) and perhaps the pain will have reduced…

So. Very sad oompa loompa driving Nutty home through a veil of sniffs and snivells. But now we are thinking this over we wonder how likely it will be that Nutty will get better. Perhaps he will be one of the 20%ers or perhaps his chances are more than 20%, if an infection 6 days ago that was “one of the nastiest infections” has been able to become “nearly healed”.

Nutty’s weight has been improving – 645 (low) on Monday morning, was 685 on Monday evening and 675 this morning – only a 10gm drop overnight where we have previously seen 30 or 40gm drops overnight. So his morning weight today (always lower due to night of poops etc) was higher than his Sunday evening weight… :) Looking good.

We’re feeding around 80 to 100ml per day now, not the 60ml we were doing before. It’s a lot but he takes it and it seems to be making that rotten weight issue dissolve – should not get my hopes up but… Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi Nutty,

    We are in same position as you. We were told (by the same vet)that Mo ‘probably’ had an abcess. She has been given a 4 week course of antibiotics and pain relief. The confusing thing is that she is so bright and eager to eat. She went out in the garden for a few hours on Sunday and yesterday in attempt to keep her back teeth in check. She spent the whole time grazing. But weight gain was minimal.

    We know exactly what you are going through and can only keep our fingers and paws crossed for us all.

    Hang in there

    Zoe & Mo x

  2. When the going gets tough…..the tough get going!

    So, off you go, best smile on your face and syringe in hand to keep Nutty happy:)

    How do you know that Nutty’s not going to be one of the 10-20% of pigs that are fine? The answer is that nobody knows, but Nutty’s obviously a fighter. He’s hung in there for the past 2 weeks and 2 days (not that we’re counting!). Nutty’s still here and his infection’s doing well, so things could be a lot worse.

    Keeping everything crossed, Chrissie & 10 Gorgeous Guineas

  3. Thank you very much, pigs and people, from us all, Nutty especially.

    He’s going to get every chance to ‘get a sooty’ he can, so it’s onwards and upwards from here :)

    Will get back to weight reporting tommorrow – today was a bit of a blow out (early start, late finish).

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