Wednesday, clicked off with my teeth (says Nutty)

Nutty was seen yesterday by the vet and received great care and attention.

However, the best endeavours of Oompa Loompa #2 and the vet failed to spot the clicking or soon-to-be-clicking-too-much -for-comfort teeth. Because, lunchtime today, Nutty’s chewing produced very pronounced clicky teeth sounds.

So, poor little chap, we whizzed back to long-suffering and uber-kind Chrissie at Gorgeous Guineas and sure enough, a spur was removed and upper and lower front teeth were quite significantly shortened back to where they ideally should have been.

As a result, Nutty is a teeth-click free zone and all the happier for it. Also his car ride was only 35 mins and sunny, so he enjoyed it more.

Nutty listens to the theme music from the 1965 French T.V series, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ – the music of which is haunting for any of us who were growing up during that period. I’ll try and add an MP3 demo of it here soon.

So. In summary, Nutty (and Oooma Loopma helper) say “Thank you!” to Chrissie for sorting his teeth out so quickly and well.

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  1. Glad to hear that Nutty is now a teeth-click free zone and happy again. Chrissie is a guinea’s guardian angel :-)

    Mo went out for a short grazing session today and enjoyed a bit of a sun-bathe too!

    Keep up the good work Oompa Loompa helpers!

    Zoe & Mo x

  2. Oo! Sun bathe – that sounds like it must have been nice :)

    Chrissie is a guinea’s guardian angel :-)

    Yes indeed, Chrissie is a star in a Guineas life.

    Roll on no teeth problems, weight at normal levels and Timothy hay being consumed at alarming rates for Mo, Nutty and all :-)

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