Saturday morning blues

BB King says it how it isLots of poops, half ‘good’ and half over-wet or possibly wee’d on.

Noticed very wet bottom end (sitting in wet bit of bed (now changed of course)), tried to sponge and dry clean, made an improvement but noticed some (0.75cm sq?) hair loss (I think, not looked closely here before) on his back just above his bottom. Went to clean this gently too and I think all this handling, with unfamilliar things happening when already (presumeably) feeling unwell and certainly not fully strong, made Nutty upset enough to loose a lot of liquid from his bottom.

He continued through the feed to loose quite a lot more liquid that way.

In the end, after much trying, he had 12ml instead of the 20ml target and we felt it was wise to stop.

Weight, very low due to it being morning, there being sloppy-ish poops as well as good poops from overnight and also importanty due to loosing so much liquid from his rear end during the feed and then not eating a full feed: the weight was a record low of 615gm. Or to be ‘SUN’-headlines-y, a 10% loss from last night.

Positives: He ‘Wheaped’ when I opened the curtains and let the light in. He slowly ate some carrot, not touched this for days, usually his fav’ – in total he ate 1/3 of a carrot disc, 1/3 of a celery leaf (small leaf) and a little celery stalk. And the final ‘good’ news is that becuase we are running out of Critical Care (again – I really don’t believe it…), I had pre-mixed the days, precious C.C with 1/3 carrot Hipp baby food and I suspect the carrot+fennel taste that resulted was probably pretty rotten, so if this is right, then it would go some way to explaining why he did not eat, perhaps.

I feel a little drained, dispondent but most of all I feel so, so sorry for Nutty – this (Vet visits, not eating solids) started on 13 Feb, 4 weeks ago. Such a long time for a little Pig. I wish, wish, wish he would perk up and eat well and put on weight for his sake, I’m just SO sorry for him and his rotten routine.

Hopefully, lunch time feed with a little of the C.C will be good tasting for him and he’ll eat well. Fingers crossed.

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