Sunday morning: Chow-down. Weight-up

Living saladNutty ate 20ml of C.C without complaint.

Note to self: Do NOT mix ‘strong’ tastes (carrot Hipp with fennel C.C) unless you want a piggy revolt

He also weights 655gm. He’s not done much poops in the night, but has done perhaps 10 to 15 and they are all perfect looking (not a sloppy blow-out (yuk) in sight).

Nutty’s now sitting with Oompa Loompa #1 and eating some leaves from a Sainsbury’s ‘Living Salad’ – you buy the salad plants still growing in soil, keep them watered and in good light and Bob’s your uncle – could have been made for Guinea Pigs(!). We think the leaves are ‘good’ ones for Pigs (any comments on this are welcome!).

Footnote: Interesting; it seems Nutty eats the stalks effectively but cannot do the same for the broad leaf part, even though he goes to eat them as cheerfully as he does the stalk. The broad leaf comes out, a bit mangled, although the stalk is eaten and dissapears as it should.

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  1. The salad leaves are fine. Try rolling a leaf up and offer it to Nutty like that. If he won’t take it, then try putting it in his mouth – pigs usually have a nibble one way or another:)

    Good luck! Chrissie

  2. It’s funny you should mention the stalk nibbling. Mo does exactly the same thing! We cut the leaves into thin strips which she seems to manage, albeit very slow. Alternatively, we do as Chrissie commented – put the leaves in her mouth.

    Keep up the good work Oompa Loompas

    Zoe & Mo X

  3. Ps- We are going to get some of the growing salad tomorrow. Thanks for the good idea :-)
    Zoe & Mo X

  4. :)

    Thanks for the roll-your-own idea with the leaves Chrissie.

    Glad to have made a useful suggestion Zoe & Mo :)

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