Wednesday morning

With quite a lot of refusal, Nutty ate 17ml of CC. He would have been coerced to 20 but the syringe finally packed up totally and, yes, it was the last one (Oompa Loompa pre-ordering failure).

Poops good.

Weight 660gm.

We are now significantly of the opinion that Nutty is treading water, not heading out to open sea nor to land. He is also getting tired and not enjoying (ditto Oompah Loompas – though we would be totally re-fuelled by progress and/or by him ‘eating’ ie actively wanting food as opposed to fighting to not have it). He spends all the time (all) sitting in one corner of his house. He seems to be able to eat a small amount of solid (very small) and then stops, the solid is pretty much only narrow green leaves. He has not eaten hay (Timothy or otherwise) or biscuit for 4+ weeks.

The vet had said come back in 2 weeks. At that time we did not know what path Nutty would go down. We are now just over 1 week into this 2 week process and appear to be standing stock still. We are as sure as we can be, that Nutty will remain exaclty as he is now for the second week. So, we are going to call the vet to ask if we can see them sooner simply becuase we think Nutty is suffering (force feeds) and if this convalescence is not helping, perhaps a look at his jaw and more will reveal something that will not be helped by more force feeding but can be treated?

It seems to us that unless there is some miraculous change, a beautiful cheery little gorgeous Nutty is doomed to be force fed or to find an answer from the vet visit or to be put down (rather than starve if we stop force feeding). Perhaps he needs to be left in a cage house full of leaves to begin to go hungry in the hope he will eat? We suspect this won’t help as we leave fresh food at every feed and next feed it is invariably exactly as we left it.

So. This is an all time low. Going to phone the vet now and ask for an appointment this week, if they agree it’s a good idea. Also going to ask Chrissie if she has any thoughts.

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  1. We know exactly what you are going through. Mo also has to be force fed cc, which we really hate. I think you are right to speak to the vet. Perhaps another examination of his jaw will shed some new light on the matter.

    Love to Nutty

    Zoe & Mo x

  2. Thanks for this message of support Zoe & Mo :)

    It means a lot.

    Last night it was a black picture. Today, although we are certainly NOT out of the woods, we have your experiences to go on, and the vet today said by phone that it can often take 2+ weeks for this stuff to work through. So, we will keep those fingers crossed for Mo and for Nutty.

    Nutty & O.L’s.

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