Thursday and back down the rollercoaster

Nutty ate 20ml (good) but had a very wet bed and had obviously just sat in one place.

Washed his nether regions (that were wet) with warm water and blotted dry.

After feed, Nutty was 615gm. Equal lowest weight ever, he obviously passed a lot of water in the night.

Put him out in the garden again, in the sun, in his run for 30 mins. He seems very uninterested in moving about even and does not appear to be eating.

Off to go finish the clean+disinfect of his house.

PS: Message from Nutty to Chrissie: hope you are feeling better today :)

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  1. Feeling a bit better today, but can’t string a sentence together without coughing, so it’s nice and quiet here!!
    Thanks for your good wishes:)

    I hope Nutty is OK tonight?


  2. Sorry to hear you’re still duff, but glad you’re on the mend, says Nutty and his O.L’s.

    He has eaten well today and not ‘blown out’ lots of wee. He’s got a nice new house full of medibed etc and is about to have his last feed of the day.

    Nutty says ‘Get well’ :)

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