Nutty’s liver

Sorry this is short. I just wrote a full account of progress and lost it when saving. Now, running out of time this will have to be short, so sorry if it looks 'bland'.

  • Nutty's liver is probably not working well.
  • The vet has injected him to try and break it out of this cycle and head toward a full or more recovered state.
  • His weight in the next 10 days is critical.

4+ weeks in one corner of his house not running about or eating and being 'force fed' 4 times per day is not a nice life (also I think of it as almost a year if it were a human). We (the vet and Nutty's humans) are of the sadly realistic view, that after 10 days, unless Nutty's weight has shown a sustained and reasonably significant increase then we are going to put him out of his misery.

How can we avoid this and win the day with Nutty?

Well, we're now aiming to get Nutty's weight up through a combination of the injection, the regular feeds we've done before and also feeding him the crushed poops from healthy pigs to build the bacteria in his gut up so it works better and thus he gets more nutiriton and weight and strength and may get better.

We realised now we may have been doing more harm than good. We have been keeping his living space clean with 4 tidy's per day. This has meant he's had not poops to eat if he'd wanted to. Now we're leaving the place dry but not taking all poops out.

Ok. Run out of time (drat that crash and lost content). A quick question for the vet.

Morning and night is Critical Care and meds. Should we make the two day-time feeds into the poop+yogurt+crushed Excel etc or should it be 3 x C.C and 1 x poop per day? I am pretty certain it should be 2 of each per day and that's what we're going to go with until we're told otherwise.

Nutty weight 640gm this morning. We'll see where we go from here…

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  1. I have been looking for an update all weekend and was so glad to see a posting today. Technology can be a real nuisance!

    I wish Nutty the best of luck with this new course of treatment.

    We are at an all time low at the moment. Mo has started to eat solids, but her weight has dropped consecutively for the last four days. We are going to the vet tomorrow to try and find out what is going on.


    Zoe & Mo X

  2. So sorry to hear you poor news about Mo’s weight.

    It’s such a rollercoaster for pig and person.

    The very best of luck with Mo and the vet – keep us posted.

    Alan, Fran, Nutty X

  3. 2 of each sounds good!

  4. Thanks The vet!

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