Nutty is quite, quite delightful

Whenever Nutty's time is up, in years to come I hope, he deserves to nestle in a prestigous cloud in heaven.

He puts up with SO much, without real complaint and is so well behaved.

He *really* likes his poop pate', eating 25ml of it this lunch time. He is so keen on it in fact, that as I withdrew the syringe to fill it again, he closed his teeth on it to keep it in his mouth for just a second longer. There's nout' as queer as Guinea Pigs folk.

Gotta dash, late for other commitments. A question for The vet!, (the reason I booked a phone call, so no worries calling back if you answer here first): Nutty's teeth are clicking, about half as noisily as they were on Saturday. Given a trip to you or to Chrissie is a 2 x a 45 minute car ride and teeth work is distressing, but given teeth clicking is probably a sign of possibly major irritation, do you think we should return to have Nutty's teeth done?

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  1. Well I’m glad to hear that Nutty is enjoying his new gourmet diet!

    We have just returned from a trip to ‘The Vet’. Mo’s weight hit an all time low yesterday (742g) and in addition was experiencing pain from her teeth again. We have completed 4 weeks antibiotics for a ? dental abcess and although she is less tender under the chin there has not been a massive improvement. Her problems seems to stem back to a broken incisor, although it’s very difficult to know whether this was the primary problem of whether it was a diseased tooth that broke. Since, the tooth has not grown back to full length, seems to be curving backwards and has had an additional spike at the back which gets exceptionally sharp. The bottom tooth which would usually oppose is also getting very sharp. This then sets off the vicious circle of not eating causing spikes on molars and vice versa. Following reading ‘Corrective Dentistry’ notes courtesy of Chrissie and also disussing with Vedra, in the process of trying to obtain a set of buccal dilators so that we can keep teeth trimmed and hence save some of the 1.5 hours round trips to Reading, the suggestion of cutting all incisors right back to the gums was raised. Although this is not usually necessary with dammage to only 1 incisor, the hope is that it will allow all teeth to grow back to correct length and in correct alignment all at the same rate. Sounds drastic I know. So off we went to discuss it with ‘The Vet’ at her follow up appointment and she agreed it was worth a try, as did James. So her incisors got the chop!

    Now it’s fingers and paws crossed that our new gummy Mo will continue to be as strong and tolerant as she has been to date. She is also quite partial to ‘Poop Pate’ and has plenty of healthy friends (8 in total) willing to donate to a good cause!

    We continue to will on Nutty, and would like to thank
    Chrissie ;-), Jenny ‘The Vet’ ;-), James ‘The Other Vet’;-) and of course Vedra ;-)at the CCT for all of their support.

    Love to everyone

    Jane (Mo’s other human slave), Zoe, Mo and all the other members of our menagerie (who are too many to name individually)

  2. ..

  3. Sounds like a good idea, the all-teeth-the-same-length plan. The very best of luck with this approach.

    We hit an all time low weight today too, the breakfast one (of course) and it was 610. However, better news on this in the evenings post.

    Yep, we too have to thank ‘The vet!’ and colleagues, Chrissie, CCT and their people and others too.

    Our recepie for poop pate is: a heaped desert spoon of crushed poop mixed with crushed Excel, 25ml of natural yogurt and about 10ml of water. Nutty seems to adore this..(!)

    Good luck Mo, hope your humans mix your poop pate well :-)

    Love Nutty & Co.

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