Thursday evening

645gm. Better than this morning but that's after a day of feeding so it's to be expected. Nutty was 655gm this time yesterday, but then this morning was one of those dribbly ones… Complex.

Bottom line is – so far, there has been no increase in weight, day on day.

A question for the vet. You were planning to give this a week (Sat to Sat). We extended that to the following Weds (now next weds).

Given the treatment (injection and vitamin laden poop meals etc), and given he is not eating solids at all and sitting in one place not moving unless prompted and he is so very light, is it reasonably likely that the time from now until next wednesday might result in a turn around – in other words, is the injection and the vitamins able to result in a gradual liver improvement or is it more likely to be a stepped (rapid) one (if there is an improvement at all)? The hard question we are asking ourselves, is, if the injection and vitamins should have produced a reasonably stepped change, if it was going to work, fairly obvious fairly quickly then perhaps we are doing Nutty more harm than good prolonging this existence to next Wednesday. But, if the injection and vitamins are reasonably likely to have a gradual change then on balance it might be worth the sad quality of life from now until next weds in the hope he breaks into a cycle of improvement in time.

We'll await your advice. Sorry this is so hard. Please feel free to call or blog advice and leave it to me to call if I need more info'. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi Alan, Sorry to hear Nutty is still miserable. The Vet is away from the surgery until next Wednesday (hence your appointment) and the Other Vet isn’t there today. The Other Vet may be doing Saturday surgery tomorrow, but the receptionist would be able to confirm that. Good luck with whatever you decide. Chrissie

  2. Hi Chrissie. I have been holding out, too long I think, while Fran has been very slightly, but probably more correctly realistic about the probable course we have to take for Nutty's sake.

    I am r-e-a-l-l-y sorry that Jenny is not there to answer the question. I think, in my mind, the answer to the question posed on the Thu' blog entry will complete my mind on the right way forward, for this morning/today (let alone Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue). You see, Nutty did not have that much of a wet night last night by what I saw this morning and yet during his feed this morning (Friday) he was upset enough to squit (as he does sometimes) and yelped in a way he has only done maybe 2 or 3 times. So, I stopped feeding at 10ml rather than forcing another 15ml down. He weighed 595gm; another all time low, but if I had pressed him into another 15ml, then he would have weighed 610gm (*if* he had not squitted out any from being upset (I just weighed 15ml of water and it weighs 15gm)).

    So I think I really want to hear Jenny's view on that question in order to make my mind up and if it's not a good answer, then I think we should act now since the decision is either a wrong one (and I hope to God, literally, that it is not) or if it is the right one then time is of the essence if we are not to prolong suffering.

    Do you know if Jenny is able to answer this question – I know I may get lucky and she may hit the blog now or in an hour and see my question, but, if she doesn't then I am in a quandry. Ideally I suppose I would like to text her to ask: 'if able, please check blog and answer Thu' question – tks v.much sorry to disturb' or similar and if she advised this is the end then I would go on to ask her (and you) what we should do, where we should go. So sorry to ask all these questions.

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