Friday morning

Nutty did not have that much of a wet night last night by what I saw this morning and yet during his feed this morning (Friday) he was upset enough to squit (as he does sometimes) and yelped in a way he has only done maybe 2 or 3 times. So, I stopped feeding at 10ml rather than forcing another 15ml down. He weighed 595gm; another all time low, but if I had pressed him into another 15ml, then he would have weighed 610gm (*if* he had not squitted out any from being upset (I just weighed 15ml of water and it weighs 15gm)).

Seeking advice from the vet now. I think we have passed the last turning that might have lead toward recovery and are on a windy road to the end and we don't want Nutty to suffer if we are right about that, so also will seek Vets advice is she concurrs that we are looking at one option only now.

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  1. Dear Alan, Fran & Nutty,

    I’m so sorry to hear about Nutty. I know you are finding it hard to get the answers to your questions as Nutty’s vet is not around. Maybe you could talk to Vedra at the CCT. She always answers your text messages and provides excellent telephone advice. Her number is – 07721026401 (See rodentology website). If you text her a brief message about the problem she will text back to let you know when it is convenient to call her. Do not be surprised if she gets you to call very late at night or early in the morning. She is very dedicated and is always willing to help. I wonder if she ever gets any sleep as we have texted her late at night and she’s asked us to call her straight back! Bless her!

    Love to Nutty

    Zoe, Jane & Mo x

  2. Hi Zoe, Jane and Mo – thanks so much for the helpful text and kind words.

    I’m about to post the sad news, but I’ll tell you here first. With heavy heart we had Nutty put to sleep today. We ended being sure it was the right thing and still think so after the event. But it was the hardest thing I can remember doing and one I shall never forget although I hope the memory of this day fades.

    One positive – in remembering Nutty today, this evening, we have found ourselves recalling all the things he did *before* he was ill and realise he actually had a lovely, joyful life and was a brightly burning little friend in the heart of our family.

    I miss him.

    We hope Mo is holding in there and improving, bit by bit – keep us posted if you can.

    Love, Alan, Fran and Nutty-from-a-cloud. x

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