Friday evening. So sad

With heavy heart I finally felt the only solution to Nutty's situation was to have him put to sleep.

Fran agreed. We sought advice and it was helpful and kind and this also supported our decision.

Nutty was a star in the family, he really was in charge. If someone ate an apple in the same room, he would hear the crunch and pop out from his bed to squeak a demand to be given some apple (I smile involuntarily but cheerfully as I type that).

I won't talk of the problems at the end and the layered reasons we knew this was the only way left, but the consolation, and it is significant although right now not enough to quench the pain, is that we now find ourselves recalling Nutty in all his days, not just the last few weeks. Nutty the carrot fiend, Nutty the apple-hearer, Nutty the bouncing pig with a spring on each foot (surely? – how else did he do that?), Nutty the loveable, beautiful little character who was loved by us and who was a part of us.

We will never forget him. I love you Nutty.


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  1. To Chrissie, to Jenny and Co, thank you so much. We all tried hard, Nutty tried the most, we owe you a great deal, ‘thank you’ is not enough.

    Alan & Fran.

  2. Hi to you All,

    Having just gone through this so recently we are SO very empathetic and sympathetic to your loss. We know that you are feeling bereft without your sweet little pal.

    It is excellent that you are remembering all the best times with Nutty for I came to the conclusion that this is the way our non-human companions think about things too! Apple days, all apple days in their minds.

    When the time comes for such heavy decisions–in response to pain or illness–we do it with such a heavy heart but again we think this is a gift we must give to our four-legged friends for ALL the lovely times they gave to us–they must look to us to help them when the going gets so very, very difficult and we have done our best to help them get well. It is the essence of being a humane human.

    We know how much you will miss Nutty and because we love you all so much we feel your sadness even though we never met him. It’s clear that he was a very special Bristow-nian.

    Warm hugs to you from,
    Christie, Michael and Isabella

  3. Thank you Christie. A perfect summary about a perfect Nutty.

    I’m sure Nutty and Smokey are friends somewhere.

    We will put a photo gallery up in due course so you’ll better see the little carrot eating squeaking jumper. Love from us all.

  4. A very sad day, and a hard decision to make, but you did the right thing for Nutty. I’m sure he’s had a big welcome over Rainbow Bridge from all the other dearly departed pigs.

    Happiness in life
    Sadness in parting
    Love in rememberance

    Chrissie & 10 Gorgeous Guineas

  5. Thank you Chrissie, a lovely summary.

  6. Sorry I wasn’t around to help you make such a difficult decision, but I know you made the right choice. I am glad that you are able to remember Nutty as a happy healthy piggy! Your memories will keep him with you forever.


  7. Thanks Jenny for your kind comments and please don’t fret at all at not being here, I am certain we would have come to the same conclusion and you simply can’t be in two places at once :) Glad you liked the photo gallery too. -Alan

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