Clicky teeth or not?

Hm. Nutty does not, seems, have the 'always clicking' teeth that I associate with teeth that are too long.

He seemed to be clicking them all the time 36 to 12 hours ago and I duly sought advice and booked to go and have them looked at.

However, yesterday tea time and evening feeds and now this morning, I am hearing nothing or a very dull, quiet, normal 'trundle' from his teeth (not at all alarming) when he is eating and jaw'ing about but AM hearing a clicking when he is being re-wrapped in a Tea towel for feeding purposes and is feeling worried or cross (as he does not like the wrapping process).

So. In a quandry. Should I take him to have his teeth 'done' today or not. My guess is not.

Chrissie, any comment? (I'll email you Chrissie since I want to warn you of this possible change in plan 'early'). If you've not mailed or blog commented or called me back before lunch time, I'll call to ask this.

Sorry if this is a false alarm ('tho happy for Nutty if it is :)

Published in: on March 29, 2006 at 10:10 am  Comments (4)