Nutty is quite, quite delightful

Whenever Nutty's time is up, in years to come I hope, he deserves to nestle in a prestigous cloud in heaven.

He puts up with SO much, without real complaint and is so well behaved.

He *really* likes his poop pate', eating 25ml of it this lunch time. He is so keen on it in fact, that as I withdrew the syringe to fill it again, he closed his teeth on it to keep it in his mouth for just a second longer. There's nout' as queer as Guinea Pigs folk.

Gotta dash, late for other commitments. A question for The vet!, (the reason I booked a phone call, so no worries calling back if you answer here first): Nutty's teeth are clicking, about half as noisily as they were on Saturday. Given a trip to you or to Chrissie is a 2 x a 45 minute car ride and teeth work is distressing, but given teeth clicking is probably a sign of possibly major irritation, do you think we should return to have Nutty's teeth done?

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Friday lunch time

That’s two perfect feeds (brekky and now lunch). Two perfect poop sessions.

Well done Nutty :)

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Friday breakky

Nutty had a nice dry night, lots of super poops, pretty much back to the right size for a 100% healthy pig.

He ate his 20mls of C.C without needing to be re-wrapped once.

I gave him some salad leaves and I am pretty sure his teeth are troubling him – even the first 2 or 3 jaw cycles seemed to make him back away as if gagging, tho’ he wasn’t – the leaf was still 95% hanging out, I think he was finding soreness from teeth. I will certainly suggest this to the vet tomorrow. Indeed, the vet has the address of Nutty’s blog so she may read it here before I get the chance to explain :)

Oh, and weight was 650, it was 655 when he went to bed last night, so, that’s good.

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Thurdsay post #1 ~ an outlook less black albiet still uncertain

Nutty is as before, but, he ate two feeds today of 20ml each with less head-turning and upset than often before.

Also the vet has said that it often takes 2+ weeks for an improvement to occur.

Anyway, we’re off to see the vet on Saturday morning for a check up on progress.

Fingers crossed, still.

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Sunday morning: Chow-down. Weight-up

Living saladNutty ate 20ml of C.C without complaint.

Note to self: Do NOT mix ‘strong’ tastes (carrot Hipp with fennel C.C) unless you want a piggy revolt

He also weights 655gm. He’s not done much poops in the night, but has done perhaps 10 to 15 and they are all perfect looking (not a sloppy blow-out (yuk) in sight).

Nutty’s now sitting with Oompa Loompa #1 and eating some leaves from a Sainsbury’s ‘Living Salad’ – you buy the salad plants still growing in soil, keep them watered and in good light and Bob’s your uncle – could have been made for Guinea Pigs(!). We think the leaves are ‘good’ ones for Pigs (any comments on this are welcome!).

Footnote: Interesting; it seems Nutty eats the stalks effectively but cannot do the same for the broad leaf part, even though he goes to eat them as cheerfully as he does the stalk. The broad leaf comes out, a bit mangled, although the stalk is eaten and dissapears as it should.

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Saturday nights alright for eating

Ok. Switch around. Nutty ate well and now weighs 650gm.

He ate 20ml of Hipp Potatoe and Cauliflower and loved it. He’s a cutey.

Bit of a different feed to the one this morning.

Night, night B. B.

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