Friday evening. So sad

With heavy heart I finally felt the only solution to Nutty's situation was to have him put to sleep.

Fran agreed. We sought advice and it was helpful and kind and this also supported our decision.

Nutty was a star in the family, he really was in charge. If someone ate an apple in the same room, he would hear the crunch and pop out from his bed to squeak a demand to be given some apple (I smile involuntarily but cheerfully as I type that).

I won't talk of the problems at the end and the layered reasons we knew this was the only way left, but the consolation, and it is significant although right now not enough to quench the pain, is that we now find ourselves recalling Nutty in all his days, not just the last few weeks. Nutty the carrot fiend, Nutty the apple-hearer, Nutty the bouncing pig with a spring on each foot (surely? – how else did he do that?), Nutty the loveable, beautiful little character who was loved by us and who was a part of us.

We will never forget him. I love you Nutty.


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Friday morning

Nutty did not have that much of a wet night last night by what I saw this morning and yet during his feed this morning (Friday) he was upset enough to squit (as he does sometimes) and yelped in a way he has only done maybe 2 or 3 times. So, I stopped feeding at 10ml rather than forcing another 15ml down. He weighed 595gm; another all time low, but if I had pressed him into another 15ml, then he would have weighed 610gm (*if* he had not squitted out any from being upset (I just weighed 15ml of water and it weighs 15gm)).

Seeking advice from the vet now. I think we have passed the last turning that might have lead toward recovery and are on a windy road to the end and we don't want Nutty to suffer if we are right about that, so also will seek Vets advice is she concurrs that we are looking at one option only now.

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