Thursday breakfast

Not optimistic.

We have until Wednesday next week to produce real weight gain (not up and down swings). This morning Nutty was 605gm, a new record low (previously 610gm).

He had a wet bottom from the night and wet a bit during his feed, which he was not that keen on toward the end. Hence the low weight (fluid loss). He ate 22ml.

Very sorry for him. He is, as before, sitting in the corner of his house, out of sight but comfy and warm (new medibed is switched in there regularly and this corner of his house is adjacent to the end of a radiator so the house wall he sits against is mildly warm all the time (we have the heating on 24hrs to stop him getting cold in the night).

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Weight started this morning, after a productive poop night, with some wet bits but not too much, at 625gm.

Nutty ate 25ml per feed and so ate 100ml of feed today.

Weight in tonight was 655gm, the same as yesterday.

We're now on a regime of 25ml per feed and 4 feeds per day.

As before, Nutty loves his poop pate (middle two feeds). Teeth still sounding nice. For both middle feeds, he liked the feed enough that for about half of the time (the start) we were able to feed him without the tea towel wrap (tks Chrissie). 

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Nutty is quite, quite delightful

Whenever Nutty's time is up, in years to come I hope, he deserves to nestle in a prestigous cloud in heaven.

He puts up with SO much, without real complaint and is so well behaved.

He *really* likes his poop pate', eating 25ml of it this lunch time. He is so keen on it in fact, that as I withdrew the syringe to fill it again, he closed his teeth on it to keep it in his mouth for just a second longer. There's nout' as queer as Guinea Pigs folk.

Gotta dash, late for other commitments. A question for The vet!, (the reason I booked a phone call, so no worries calling back if you answer here first): Nutty's teeth are clicking, about half as noisily as they were on Saturday. Given a trip to you or to Chrissie is a 2 x a 45 minute car ride and teeth work is distressing, but given teeth clicking is probably a sign of possibly major irritation, do you think we should return to have Nutty's teeth done?

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Lovely but lighter…

Nutty is a lovely little chap and had a nice new change of house (medibed) after breakfast.

But, he had a wet-ish night, not too bad, but did wee quite a lot and so lost quite a lot of weight. He was 610gm after breakfast. The lowest so far.

Also, he's got clicky teeth. I've booked a call with the vet, but, I suspect, even though we're meant to be keeping him quiet, the advice will be ask Chrissie if she can look at them. Poor little chap… 

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Weight on our minds

630gm at weigh in this evening.

Everything else about today was good. Nutty ate well all day (non-solids) and seemed to relish his poop+vitamins+Excel+Yogurt mix. We'll just have to hope that the weight begins to build in the next few days.

Here's hoping x 

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Nutty’s liver

Sorry this is short. I just wrote a full account of progress and lost it when saving. Now, running out of time this will have to be short, so sorry if it looks 'bland'.

  • Nutty's liver is probably not working well.
  • The vet has injected him to try and break it out of this cycle and head toward a full or more recovered state.
  • His weight in the next 10 days is critical.

4+ weeks in one corner of his house not running about or eating and being 'force fed' 4 times per day is not a nice life (also I think of it as almost a year if it were a human). We (the vet and Nutty's humans) are of the sadly realistic view, that after 10 days, unless Nutty's weight has shown a sustained and reasonably significant increase then we are going to put him out of his misery.

How can we avoid this and win the day with Nutty?

Well, we're now aiming to get Nutty's weight up through a combination of the injection, the regular feeds we've done before and also feeding him the crushed poops from healthy pigs to build the bacteria in his gut up so it works better and thus he gets more nutiriton and weight and strength and may get better.

We realised now we may have been doing more harm than good. We have been keeping his living space clean with 4 tidy's per day. This has meant he's had not poops to eat if he'd wanted to. Now we're leaving the place dry but not taking all poops out.

Ok. Run out of time (drat that crash and lost content). A quick question for the vet.

Morning and night is Critical Care and meds. Should we make the two day-time feeds into the poop+yogurt+crushed Excel etc or should it be 3 x C.C and 1 x poop per day? I am pretty certain it should be 2 of each per day and that's what we're going to go with until we're told otherwise.

Nutty weight 640gm this morning. We'll see where we go from here…

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